The same tools as a conventional pre-university

Get ready for the PSU anywhere and anytime 24/7.

All the programs to prepare the PSU are available on our website:

  • Language and Communication (11 essays type PSU + 30 Contents + 30 Evaluations)
  • Mathematics (11 essays type PSU + 30 Contents + 30 Evaluations)
  • History, Geography and Social Sciences (11 essays type PSU + 30 Contents + 30 Evaluations)


  • Biology (11 essays type PSU + 30 Contents + 30 Evaluations)
  • Physics (11 essays type PSU + 30 Contents + 30 Evaluations)
  • Chemistry (11 essays type PSU + 30 Contents + 30 Evaluations)
  • Professional Technician (11 essays type PSU + 30 Contents + 30 Evaluations)

How does it work?

MiEnsayo.cl is a 100% Online pre-university that has ALL branches of the PSU delivering content, videos, podcast and a large amount of material so you have the best preparation.

We invite you to know our content 100% updated according to DEMRE.

Do you have face-to-face classes?

No, MiEnsayo.cl is 100% online and is compatible with any device. Our team of professors will be monitoring and reinforcing your weaknesses permanently, through a personalized platform where they monitor and follow up to reinforce your weaknesses and enhance your skills.

How long does it take for the results of my evaluations?

Your results are automatic. You will receive feedback in real time, including the explanation of each question.

How is the methodology of progress and monitoring?

MiEnsayo.cl has created a weekly progress methodology where you will reinforce the axes of the PSU in the most efficient way.

Our teachers will be strengthening your achievements through permanent personalized monitoring.

We will contact you to enhance your progress whenever necessary.

What is the schedule of the modules, evaluations and PSU tests?

Nothing has a schedule, we help you grow responsibly and committed to your future. MiEnsayo.cl is available 24/7, only you organize yourself and accommodate your schedules and thus comply with the MiEnsayo.cl program.

Remember that you are not alone, our team of professionals will always be at your disposal and with constant academic support.

What is the role of parents?

For us, the family is an important part of this process. MiEnsayo.cl delivers weekly reports to the representatives of your achievements. This will transmit tranquility, confidence and the constant support of your family.

How do I know if there are changes?

Our platform has a complete alert report, which will inform you in a timely manner of any news, changes and the progress you have to make to complete your program 100%.

How do I find out about the PSU?

We tell you that in www.demre.cl you have ALL the necessary information that has relation with the PSU, inscriptions, dates, hours, premises of surrender, agendas, etc …

You can also obtain information on careers by regions and universities accredited by the Ministry of Education on our website.

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