The best online trials to receive the prepared PSU

Learn about the best portals that allow you to do online PSU tests, so prepare the best way of testing and study material from the comfort of your home.

Where do I find online trials?

Internet is much more than memes and Instagram, we are sure that you had already realized that, but did you know that there are portals that allow online PSU tests and thus prepare the best tests? Well, do not worry, here you will find the main platforms that allow you to access essays and study material for the PSU from the comfort of your home.


In its effort to democratize access to higher education, the Andrés Bello University has provided the preparation portal for the PSU PreUNAB. In this page you will find dozens of online PSU and thematic quizzes of the Science, History, Language and Mathematics tests.

If in addition to performing essays you need to review the subject a bit, PreUNAB is not far behind. This platform has a Youtube channel where you can find exercises solved by specialized teachers, in which the methodology is taught to solve different problems, mainly of the Language and Mathematics tests.

The great advantage of PreUNAB is that the portal keeps track of your scores -both of the essays that you perform online and of the face-to-face essays of the Andrés Bello University-, which makes it easier to visualize your progress and thus keep you motivated.

National Score

The classic site,, offers a huge database of standard questions, which allows for an infinite number of essays in all subjects. The best? You can customize them according to the theme and level of difficulty. Thus, if you feel that you must exercise your reading comprehension or want to improve a bit in geometry you can focus the essays in those areas.

PuntajeNacional has hundreds of video classes, content guides and solved exercises of each one of the thematic axes of the compulsory and elective tests of the PSU, so you will have all the necessary material to upload your scores at your fingertips or last minute essay writing service . In addition, the portal keeps a record of your activity, making it easier to see your progress and identify areas that you need to reinforce.

Publications of the DEMRE

What better way to prepare than to do it directly with those who assemble the test? Well, that possibility is within reach. Yes, because the official website of the DEMRE – the same ones that the PSU elaborates year after year – has a record with all the facsimiles published throughout the 14 years that this test has been applied, including official models and PSUs resolved from previous years .

The essays that you download from the DEMRE must do it on your own. With that in mind, it is important that you try to be methodical when making them, respecting the times indicated for their realization and avoiding resorting to the solucionario before finishing the test.
Now you know. All the tools to achieve the score you need are available for free and open Now it’s just up to you!

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